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New Product Release #1-CANBus ARM9 Monitor -7" N800x600 800nits, PCAP i.MX257, 3G/4G

CES070W2-FA9257-4 Series

Description –

CES070W2-FA9257-4 v.1 is a very compact, highly integrated ARM9 embedded system that is consist of the most features you would need for an embedded monitor.  It is designed mainly for the both in- & out-door applications of portable devices, compact diagnostic tools, surveillance and monitoring equipment, control and HMI terminals.  CES070W2-FA9257-4 v.1 is a complete all-in-one embedded system that provides a ready-to-use environment for customers with a variety of applications.


Key Features –

- Built-in Sunlight Readable Brightness Digital 7” WVGA LCD

- Projective Capacitive(PCAP) Touch Screen

- Embedded FreeScale MCIMX257 ARM9 MCU Engine

- Built-in 128MB SDRAM and 64MB Flash Memory

- Linux Kernel Version 3.10.102

- Versatile I/O functions

- Auxiliary GPIOs Available

- All-IN-ONE unit with Single DC power Supply Input

- Ultra Wide Input Voltage Range +7VDC ~ +36VDC

- IP-65 Level Housing Protection

- LTE module, supporting multi-bands LTE-FDD, W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM

- WiFi module, supporting WLAN Baseband Processor and RF Transceiver (IEEE 802.11bgn)Embedded Solution with (ARM9 based)

- Bluetooth module, supporting Dual-Mode(Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE) and Host Controller Interface (HCI) Transport

- RFID module, supporting 125KHz and 13.56MHz Embedded Solution with (ARM9 based)

- GPS module, supporting GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS

- IP-65 module connectors, adopted with Deutsch DT04-12PA 12 way Connector and Wiegand Swipe Reader Interface for ID Access Control with Amphonel BD-05RMMS-LC7001 Connector

Specification –

Data Sheet -

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Misc. Applivation

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