Optical Bonding Structure

PowerView offer customer not only the high standard industrial high brightness LCD module and monitors but also optical bonding services, either dry or wet bonding process.  The quality warranty is committed by PowerView alone.   This is what we call a real “One-Stop-Service”.

The below attached 3 images clearly show the impact that Anti-Reflection(AR) and Optical Bonding can have in outdoor ambient under strong sunlight and how important it is to build up the LCD assembly structure with AR coating (0.2~0.5%) and optical bonding.


The statistic of the Estimated Sunlight Reflection Level of each structure combination in each image can also give viewers the clear answer why the wrong combinations destroy the sunlight visibility of the displays.

Est. Sunlight Reflection Level

(0.5+0.2)% x 30,000=210 nits

Est. Sunlight Reflection Level

(0.5+3+1)% x 30,000=1,350 nits

Est. Sunlight Reflection Level

(4+3+1)% x 30,000=2,400 nits

Structure (A) with

AR Coating + Optical Bonding

Structure (C) with

Clear Surface + Air Gap

Structure (B) with

AR Coating + Air Gap

Optical Bonding
Optical Bonding
Optical Bonding

Best Structure Option

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