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Up-to-Date Key Figures -

   Employee Number : 178

   Engineers : 32

   Clean Room (CL. 10K): 420 m2

   Clean Room (CL.100) : 12 m2 (clean bench)

   Production Capacity : 12K pcs per month (in average 7” ~ 10.4”)

   Burn-in Chamber Capacity : 15K pcs per month (in average 7” ~ 10.4”)

   Warehouse : 950 m2

Introductions - 

Established in 2003 with its headquarters located in the new industrial park, Zubei/Hsinchu, Taiwan and most of its managers and engineers coming from the LCD industry, PowerView Display (PVD) specializes in providing customers with display related products and services to fulfill all kinds of critical demands in the industry. Today, PVD has become an important and strategic supplier to many customers because of its expertise in offering a true ‘one-stop-service” for many customers with its solid engineering and technical strength, in-housing manufacturing technology and professional quality standard in its products.    

By leveraging hundred years of LCD working experience, LCD technical and manufacturing know-how of its engineers, PVD offers a wide variety of display product portfolio and added-value availability to all the customers in the industry, such as :

    • Projected Capacitive(PCAP) touch solutions

    • Glass-Glass type true Industrial Grade

    • FPC or COF type

    • Standard cover lens to vandal-proof

    • Extremely rugged AG/AR coating

    • Anti-UV imprint masking

    • Salt water protection for special marine application

    • Thick gloves for special industry and military

    • Surgical gloves for medical application

    • Reworkable Optical Bonding

    • Wet bond/non-UV silicone base recipe for marine and military application

    • Dry bond/also reworkable

    • Standard Small to Large size industrial grade TFT LCD modules
        -     True Industrial Grade

        -     Wide Temperature Range -20 ~ +70℃

        -     Long Backlight Life Time 50K hrs

        -     High Power Efficiency

        -     Standard Digital and Analog Interface

    • Custom Designed LCD modules

        -     Ultra Wide Temperature Range -45 ~ +80℃

        -     Ultra Long Backlight Life Time 100K+ hrs

        -     Drop-in Replacement to Competitor’s End-of-Life Displays

    • Complete Monitors with housing – Stand-alone, Rack Mount, Panel Mount, Surface Mount

    • CPU Embedded Systems with RF modules

    • Custom Display formats by resizing technology (authorized as an official licensee by Pixel        Scientific, Inc./former TANNAS Electronic Displays)

    • mono-chrome graphic displays

In PVD existing product portfolio, around 90% are custom designs to customers’ specific requirements. This figure represents how deeply PVD gets  involved in customer’s business activities by utilizing our years of both LCD engineering and production experiences to provide total display solution from concept design, prototyping, sample approval, mass production, till the end of customer’s product life cycle.  PVD responds to customer’s inquiry efficiently and is flexible to offer custom design services on displays or even sub- or full-system assembly based on its off the shelf standard LCD modules and system which will be produced in its flexible and state-of-art ISO-9001:2008 certified production facilities.  Every single unit of product that PVD produces is 100% functional burn-in and inspected with major production and product parameters recorded into its EMS (Electronic Manufacturing System) along with each identical serial number.   

In many successful cases, PVD also plays the role as customer’s SOS rescuer when they encounter desperate situation when the existing display reaches its EOL(End-of-Life) without any direct replacement available.  Also based on our existing wide ranges of off-the-shelf standard products, PVD can easily pick up a mature platform to custom change to offer a completely drop-in replacement to help customer continue their system offering to the market without redesigning then recertifying the whole system due to the display discontinuity.   


In addition to displays, PVD also offers additional options of touch solutions, optical bonding and LCD cell resizing services to customers.  With its true industrial grade rugged Glass-Glass type Projected Capacitive(PCAP) touch solutions to fit any size of displays, PowerView is able to provide “One-Stop-Service” from LCD design, production, optical bonding with touch solution, then final system assembly, to all its customers.  Customer doesn't have to deal with different vendors for complicated and exhausting logistics to quality dispute as PVD takes care of all what matters.


Contact PowerView Display, whatever your display requirements are.  PowerView with its 170 employees are always standby to serve you.

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