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New Product Release #6 – CSTN-TFT LCD Module 5.7” 320x240, TTL


Description –

The 5.7” LCD is an unique TFT LCD that owns all the merits of TFT LCD performances but with a special COLOR STN I/F.  It is designed specifically for customers who use color STN LCDs without any replacement options after product EOL (end-of-life).  Customers can simply take T057Q4D1-3 to drop-in replace its original 5.7” CSTN without any change required at customer’s original system. 

Key Features –

- 5.7” 320xRGBx240 Resolution with 4:3 Display Aspect Ratio

- 8 bit CSTN compatible interface with 4,096 colors image content

- Drop-in Compatible with Kyocera’s 5.7” CSTN display, KCG057QV1EA_G030

- 4-W Resistive Type Touch Included

- Low Power Consumption

- LED Backlight

- LED driver circuitry built-in

- Wide Viewing Angle

- High Contrast Ratio

- RoHS Compliance

Specification –

Data Sheet -

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Misc. Applivation

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