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New Product Release #5 – PCAP Touch Panel 21.5” USB I/F


Description –

The 21.5” Projected Capacitive Touch Panel has robust structures with Glass-Glass type sensors and optically bonded with tempered glass designed specially for industrial application such as POS(Point-of-Sales) and other high precision required applications. 

Key Features –

- 21.5” Projected Capacitive Touch Sensor – True Industrial Grade Glass-Glass Sensor

- 1.1mm Tempered Cover Lens

- Dry Optical Bonding (Wet Bond in option)


- Up to 10 Multi-touches

- Anti-Glare Coating (Other surface pretreatment in option)

- Robust and Reliable

- Built to industrial standard

Specification –

Data Sheet -

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Misc. Applivation

PCAP Touch 28.5
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