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New Product Release #4 – Railways Information Display 28.6” 1920 x540, LVDS


Description –

The 28.6” resized LCD module is a bar type LCD module with backlight unit which is robustly designed as a railways information display or display that is used in a severe environment.

Key Features –

- 28.6” 1920(H) x RGB x 540(V) Resolution

  Also support 1280(H) x RGB x 360(V) Timing input.

- All-in-one Design, LED Driver Included

- Low Power Consumption

- Wide Viewing Angle

- High Contrast Ratio

- LVDS Interface(also compatible with NS/JEDIA format selectable)

- Robust mechanical design

Specification –

Data Sheet -

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Misc. Applivation

Railways Information 28.6
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